About being a model at

Le management

About being a model at

Le management

As a model at Le Management, we see you for who you are. We want to get to know you very well to enable us to guide and support you as a model in the best possible way and to ensure that you feel safe with us. You will be assigned an agent who will be your go-to contact in all matters regarding your modeling career. This is how we create a trusting and close relation so that we together can lift you and your modeling career to the highest level possible.

The most important thing in our work is the time and care we have for our models. Several times a year, we host various events that aim to strengthen our models understanding of the industry, their body awareness, and to create a bond to ensure that we all have a sense of community.

With offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Stockholm and Oslo, Le Management is one of the world’s leading model agencies. Our size as an agency allows us to be specialists in what each of us is impassionate about. Our team of bookers is focused on creating strong customer relations and exciting jobs, while our team of agents is dedicated to building trusting and close relationships with our models and having the strategic overview of their careers. Together we ensure the best conditions for creating a healthy and long-lasting career for our models.

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Expectations and

There are several ways of working as a model. We always strive to lift our models to their highest potential, but the optimal way differs from model to model. It depends on school activities, job opportunities and the support from home.

Some of our models work part-time alongside their studies, while others travel the world as full-time models. We always talk with the model and family about expectations, and we do our best to be honest about what opportunities we see for our models.

Beside our strong customer base in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Norway, our reach and network in the global market provides access to even more international clients and photographers.

Working conditions

It is essential for us to always send our models on jobs with good working conditions, so their mental and physical health is taken care of. We are proud co-founders of the Danish Fashion Ethical Charter which ensures good and safe working conditions for models. We are extremely aware that we work with young individuals who are all different. Therefore, we put an effort into supporting and guiding them so that they strengthen their confidence and acquire skills that they can use throughout their lives.